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I am attorney at law, admitted to the bar as 'Rechtsanwalt' in Germany since 2008 andactive in and for the German music industry for more than 20 years.

I, like my husband, have started as
a musician, and while he still is, and mainly works as a producer and audio engineer, now, I have concentrated on the legal part of the business.

The daily business and legal difficulties of musicians, bands, producers, artists, labels and studios, but also those of authors, designers, developers, models, photographers, and other artists are my specialty.

During my studies and legal clerkship I have worked on the "other side" in the legal depart-
ments of a record label as well as a broadcasting company in Hamburg and started my career
in a Hamburg law firm specialised in computer- and video games law.

Please excuse that the other pages are German only, but please feel free to contact
me, nevertheless, if you have got any questions.